Industry Update Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

  • Includes a Live Web Event on 06/07/2023 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

    A new channel of advertising is being embraced by destination organizations with real results for leisure and business visitation. Stay up to date on this latest trend by learning about how others in the industry like Visit Lake Charles are finding success. In this webinar, you will hear about the latest data and research on the effectiveness of car wrap advertising. Join us and learn how to use SWARMS to reach massive audiences and increase conversions and clickthrough rates with your target travel audience.

On-Demand Webinars

  • Recorded On: 05/03/2023

    Please join the Destinations International team as we share some exciting updates, new initiatives and resources for our members, and more that is in store for this summer!

  • Recorded On: 04/12/2023

    We talk a lot about Community Engagement and Alignment, but just how do destination organizations start the process and then nurture those community relations? Author and consultant Bill Geist will share his thoughts on the difference between Alignment and Engagement and how one can begin at either end of the spectrum between the two concepts… and, of course, include lots of time for discussion.

  • Recorded On: 03/22/2023

    ​Anderson Benson has partnered with Destinations International for event cancellation insurance and risk management policy options to protect destination organizations of all sizes. This program has been specifically designed to protect against expenses and profits in the event of a cancellation during unsettling times. The webinar will provide an in-depth explanation of the coverage and how it works, including how to utilize this resource in your sales and marketing process. Join us to learn more about this new risk management resource exclusive to Destinations International members.

  • Recorded On: 03/01/2023

    Traditionally, we’ve been looking at Web 3.0 through a technology perspective to understand how to make space for our industry inside the metaverse. During this webinar, Chris Hicks, Designer at Sparkloft Media and creative for the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau account, will walk through his experience of Web 3.0 through the eyes of a creative. Join us as we lean into our own curiosity and show you how the travel and tourism industry can identify, create, and leverage opportunities in Web 3.0.

  • Recorded On: 02/22/2023

    Black Americans share a rich and enduring connection strengthened by an inextinguishable sense of pride. But this audience is not a monolith, especially when it comes down to their experience as travelers. Join us as we break down the distinctions across the Black community and how they travel to help advertisers connect with this segment more authentically.