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    Destinations act as a critical balancing act between local needs and tourism demand. So, how can you weave local communities and priorities into your promotion strategy while still attracting meaningful visitation? During this webinar, the Alaska Travel Industry Association and Nativo will explore how different priorities impacting local communities across Alaska have been used as a springboard for a better content and distribution strategy. Join us to learn from real-world examples and gain practical insights on aligning your tourism initiatives with the values and needs of your community.

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    Unlock the potential of data to revolutionize your destination marketing strategies! Join us as we explore the exciting world of data and its applications in destination marketing, and delve into the power of web analytics in shaping effective destination marketing strategies. Attendees will learn how to leverage analytics and location-based data to gain insights into visitor patterns, popular attractions, and travel trends. We will discuss real-world examples of destinations that have used this data-based approach to enhance visitor experiences and optimize marketing efforts. Join us to gain practical tips on using analytics tools, setting measurable goals, and translating data insights into actionable marketing strategies.

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    Despite women holding only 29% of leadership roles in advertising globally, their influence is profoundly reshaping the industry. During this dynamic webinar, we will discuss how female creatives are using innovation and technology to spearhead transformative ideas, drive groundbreaking changes, and set new standards for impactful campaigns. Our accomplished presenters will also share compelling destination case studies that illustrate the importance of representation and showcasing diverse voices in your promotional efforts.

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    The integration of generative AI and other technological tools in organizational strategies is inevitable. The ethical use and best practices of these tools are crucial to maintain brand authenticity, comply with AI policies, and foster positive visitor engagement and trust. This session will explore the ethical considerations, brand impacts, and AI policy implications of various digital tools including Meta platforms, Midjourney, Generative AI Virtual Agents, ChatGPT 4, Adobe Creative Suites, and more. We will look at how these tools match with organizational values and talk about the alignment of responsible AI frameworks that protect privacy, fairness, and inclusivity, while reviewing real-world user cases that show practical uses and difficulties.

  • Contains 2 Component(s) Recorded On: 06/12/2024

    Discover the pivotal shift towards privacy in 2024 as an estimated 70% of the global population gains protection under privacy regulations. As California, Texas, Florida, Oregon and Montana enact consumer privacy laws, the landscape of data protection will continue to evolve. During this webinar, we will delve into the essentials of these regulations for destination marketers and uncover strategies for compliance. Join industry experts from MMGY Global and Red Clover Associates as they navigate the intricacies of maintaining media performance amidst a privacy-first paradigm. Prepare your destination for success in this transformative era of privacy.

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    Are you ready to elevate your search engine optimization strategies? Join us for an insightful webinar on how to properly structure website content for maximum SEO impact. Experts from Tempest will showcase real-world examples from Discover Lancaster, Visit Detroit, and Visit Pensacola to demonstrate best practices, including implementing topic clusters and organizing your content hierarchy to boost your visibility and engagement. Gain valuable insights on whether content should be a page or blog, and explore additional digital strategies to enhance your website's structure and drive tangible results.

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    In a world where vendors tout AI capabilities and governments impose regulations on responsible usage, many organizations are left confused and struggle with the internal capacity to effectively introduce AI into their operations. During this virtual roundtable, an engaging panel discussion will provide expert insights on proactively managing policy creation, delivering successful AI program rollouts, and nuturing project teams for sustained AI incorporation. Come prepared to ask questions, as live audience participation is highly encouraged! Join us to gain clarity and confidence in your AI endeavors in the workplace.

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    Privacy concerns have rightly limited some of what is possible with various datasets. Mobile location wasn’t spared, but the impact has not been as severe as initially feared. With that in mind, this data can provide an excellent understanding of travel behavior. Deliver relevant messaging to users with an affinity for your brand, segment them by hotel class, and show the right experience at the right time. Drilling deeper, you can even rate sections of your website to track which content is effective at driving conversions. Join Tourism Economics Vice President, Americas Zeek Coleman as he highlights these insights and more to help boost your marketing strategies.

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    In today's tourism landscape, destination organizations must employ innovative strategies and tools to continue to meet the evolving demands of their destinations. Join us to hear how two leading destination organizations are utilizing cutting-edge website technology and data analytics to drive impactful changes in promoting sustainable tourism, provide vital information to locals and residents, support local businesses, and effectively disperse crowds across diverse attractions. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical strategies for leveraging technology and data to achieve your destination's goals while fostering community engagement and visitor satisfaction.

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    Destinations have an important role to play in advancing the sustainability of their geographic region. During this webinar, we will share the steps that any destination organization can take to develop a strategy that will take into account the needs of the residents, visitors, and business community, while balancing priorities around social, economic, cultural, and environmental impacts. Building on one of Destination International’s most popular blogs of 2022, Top Seven Best Practices of Sustainable Tourism Destinations, Angela Nagy, CEO of GreenStep, will host two destination leaders who are leading the way by integrating these seven best practices into their destination strategies, performance measurement, stakeholder engagement, and communications.