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Social Inclusion

  • Product not yet rated Contains 3 Component(s) Recorded On: 01/11/2024

    Over 200 destinations participated in the inaugural launch of Destinations International's Social Impact Assessment Tool, (formerly known as the EDI Assessment Tool). This second release incorporates important updates based on member-driven feedback including global usability, updated accessibility-related assessment questions, and the creation of board diversity and destination stewardship sections. Join us for an overview of enhancements to the tool and the benefits and competitive advantages of using the tool. *Please note that changes have been made to the tiered pricing structure. Entering organizational data has always been free; the basic reporting tier is now free.

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    Have you signed up for Destinations International’s new Social Impact Assessment Tool (formerly known as the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Assessment Tool) yet? Join Sophia Hyder Hock and Andreas Weissenborn as they release the results of the tool’s initial launch, showing you how to interpret your results, compare your performance, and customize the assessment to best match and support your destination organization.

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    This session will provide a deep dive into how our newest tool will provide destinations with the capability to create intentional goals and track progress in the workplace, within the community for residents and visitors, through data driven metrics. Our team will demonstrate how to use this platform, share the features of the various reporting tiers, and use case studies to highlight how destinations are weaving inclusive practices into their business plans.

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    In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, organizations are recognizing the need to create genuine human connections and to foster places and spaces that welcome people of all backgrounds and abilities. Join Destinations International's Chief Inclusion Officer, Sophia Hyder Hock, as she explains the reason for this shift, discusses why the 13 topics of DI's social inclusion framework are critical to community vitality and economic growth, and reveals how to incorporate this framework into your strategic initiatives.

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    Destinations International's DestinationNEXT 2023 Futures Study, representing the largest-ever collection of destination organizations, unveils the top 50 strategies and 50 industry trends your organization needs to know. DI's Gabe Seder sits down with Paul Ouimet of MMGY NextFactor to discuss the evolving relationship between destination organizations and their local communities. DI's DNEXT 2023 Futures Study is a strategic roadmap and global survey that helps destination leaders navigate today’s highly fluid visitor economy to optimize their organizations’ relevance and value. As this conversation will demonstrate, the study is crucial in preparing us to shape our futures more effectively.

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    Black Americans share a rich and enduring connection strengthened by an inextinguishable sense of pride. But this audience is not a monolith, especially when it comes down to their experience as travelers. Join us as we break down the distinctions across the Black community and how they travel to help advertisers connect with this segment more authentically.