​Whole Brand Thinking for a Destination Organization to Become a Community Valued Asset​

Recorded On: 09/15/2020

During this webinar attendees will learn about the power of Whole brands as well as whole brand insights and strategies for destination organizations to be seen as a valued community asset. At Barkley we believe a whole brand is a company or organization that believes everything it does is its brand. A core idea—what we call The Red Thread—guides, inspires and connects every action a whole brand takes, from marketing to business ideas. “Whole brands” outperform fragmented brands. A national study of 125 brands in 16 categories, which Barkley conducted supports the findings. Attendees will gain insights on how to serve as the brand steward of a destination across the whole brand spectrum throughout their entire community. Whole brand thinking is the best opportunity for a destination organization to be seen as a valued community asset. 


Tim Galles, Chief Idea Officer, Barkley 
Dave Gutting, Senior Vice President of Strategic Projects, Barkley
Warren Wilkinson Vice President, Travel, Barkley


Webinar Recording
Recorded 09/15/2020
Recorded 09/15/2020
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