The Need for Destination Stewards with Richard Cutting-Miller

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In recent years, there has been a gradual but marked shift away from marketing destinations to actively managing them, with the primary goal of enhancing the traveler experience. But if we look closely, too often this focuses on the consumer-traveler mindset. It’s time to upgrade our systemic thinking too, and to think in terms of destination stewardship. Attendees will learn why destination stewardship is an essential role for any destination organization, and how leading DOs are already stepping into this space.

Richard Cutting-Miller

Executive Vice-President, Resonance Consultancy

Richard Cutting-Miller is a senior Travel & Tourism industry executive with more than 30 years of international experience, focused on Travel & Tourism policy, strategy, and planning, economic and travel trends research, policy analysis, lobbying and advocacy. He has worked in more than 65 countries and 350 destinations around the world.

Richard is currently Executive Vice President and Partner of Resonance Consultancy Inc with offices in Vancouver BC, Montreal and New York, NY.

Resonance creates destination development strategies, tourism master plans and brand strategies that shape the future of places around the world.

His most recent work has included producing the Tourism Master Plan for the City of Los Angeles, Tucson Arizona, Vancouver, BC, and Portland Oregon; developing a destination management strategy for San Luis Obispo County, CA; a destination development plan for Tulsa, OK; producing a destination growth strategy for Cincinnati OH; and developing the Strategic Business Plan for the Aruba Tourism Authority.

Richard resides in Saratoga Springs, NY.


The Need for Destination Stewards Webinar
This Live Component has been cancelled.