RELEVANCY = Destination Organizations Leading Community Support & Engagement, Presented by The EXPERIENCE Institute®

Recorded On: 08/20/2020

As the recent crisis shows, Community Support & Engagement is critical to destinations and is why it is a central pillar of DestinationNEXT. TRUE engagement of your stakeholder community is critical to pulling together during challenging times and staying ahead of our fast-paced consumers' wants, needs, and expectations. Learn how destinations are building coalitions and consensus toward seeing stakeholders as one big team and the destination as their 'shared product' that they strengthen together ─ strategically aligning the community to strengthen their Visitor Economy ─ from the shopkeeper to the Mayor.   


  1. How are destinations breaking down silos to achieve true cross-sector collaboration to strengthen their product infrastructure through their people infrastructure?
  2. What standards and best practices are being used to determine if the destination has 'moved the needle' toward a positive brand experience for its visitors? For return and recommend intentions?

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Kari Kauffman, CTA

VP Tourism, Experience Columbus

MIckey Schaefer, CTA

CEO & Founder, The EXPERIENCE Institute

Dwayne Fry

Co-Founder, The EXPERIENCE Institute


Webinar Recording
Recorded 08/20/2020
Recorded 08/20/2020