Maximizing the Event Impact Calculator (EIC) Festivals Module

Join us for a best practices session to discuss the usage and output of the EIC Festivals & Cultural Events Module. Our guest speaker, Jordan Musall of Hamilton County Tourism Inc, will share his experience and recommendations for using the EIC Festivals module to your advantage.  

Come prepared to ask questions relating to your festivals and cultural events and to learn from the team at Tourism Economics as well as other EIC subscribers.

Jordan Musall

Data Intelligence Manager

Hamilton County Tourism Inc.

Chris Pike (Moderator)

Director of Impact Studies

Tourism Economics

Chris Pike has 20 years of experience as a professional economist with the last 15 focused on the tourism sector. As the Director of Impact Studies at Tourism Economics, Chris is responsible for measuring the economic impact of tourism activity – both broadly and for specific initiatives and projects. He works with dozens of state and local tourism offices and manages a series of ongoing consultancy projects related to the tourist sector. For our EIC webinar series, Chris serves as the expert on Destination's International's Event Impact Calculator and helps us understand this tool and its relevance for our industry.


Event Impact Calculator Best Practices Session: Festivals Module
Recorded 11/18/2021
Recorded 11/18/2021