2021 Finance, Operations & Technology Summit

Recorded On: 07/13/2021

The 2021 Finance, Operations and Technology Summit is a cross-functional gathering of destination organization professionals in finance, human resources, operations and technology. This year’s summit provided insight on post-pandemic recovery from an organizational perspective, focusing on new ways to think about how destination organizations are organized, staffed, and operated.


Summit Welcome
Recorded 07/13/2021
Recorded 07/13/2021 President & CEO Don Welsh and summit sponsor Tempest welcome you to the 2021 Finance, Operations & Technology Summit.
The Value of Transparency in your Website
Recorded 07/13/2021
Recorded 07/13/2021 We often herald that as destination organizations we operate and act in a transparent manner, yet when it comes to proving it in the public space, we fall flat. Many of us forget that we must be proper stewards and fiduciaries of public money, but we are bound by certain guidelines to make financial, executive, and governance information easily and publicly available. The best place to start becoming transparent is with your website. This informative session with Visit Colorado Springs will provide an insider’s look at examples and best practices to ensuring that your website, and therefore your organization, is transparent and provides your stakeholders with the information and the value they need.
Shirtsleeves Report Out
Recorded 07/13/2021
Recorded 07/13/2021 Facilitators from both the live and virtual audiences provide key takeaways from their shirtsleeves discussions.
Organization Rethink
Recorded 07/13/2021
Recorded 07/13/2021 2021 brings with it a new hope, and new opportunity. As we emerge from the dark cloud of COVID-19, many organizations are faced with the opportunity to rebuild around new priorities. This panel will discuss how organizations are shifting to address the new realities, and uncertainties, of the post-COVID era.